Like so many of you, my husband had been commuting and working in NWA before he was asked to relocate here. For Real. For Good. We’d just (2 years before) relocated to Connecticut from Utah and thought we might “be there for the duration,” But it wasn’t to be.

Arkansas? Huh? Really? OK. Well, OK, I guess. Really? What’s there? Yeah,  Walmart…but? The kids didn’t seem to really care. I’d grown up in southern Illinois which would be fairly close. And driveable. I like adventures. We’d left NJ for Utah. We could move again. Sure. We’re strong folks, we could do this, we told ourselves.

On a house hunting trip we were all in the car when we had to drive through and pick up some dry cleaning for my husband. He realized he didn’t have enough cash, and the lady said, “oh, never mind, don’t worry, you can just bring it next time.” Saying all this with a dismissive waive of her hand  like “go on, we’ll just settle up later.” But we’re total strangers. From Connecticut. You know, out East. Well, we decided, it just might be fun to live here. Was she totally gonna trust us?

12 years have slipped by since then. All things considered, it was a smooth transition. We live in a community pretty well populated with others who have also relocated here. I think they were unsure, curious, and also sometimes surprised by this interesting “place that Walmart built.”  That’s what I like to call it. The area has certainly grown and changed in that time. Our kids have completed junior high, high school, and even college since we settled here in 2006.

We were enticed by low home costs, a world famous art museum in the works, slow living and light traffic. Sometimes we don’t like to admit (little secret, we felt the same about Utah) but life here can be OK.

Next Up: What even is a Razorback and other things special to this place called NWA via XNA.



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