I remember looking for information about NWA from Los Angeles and forming an incomplete and rather opaque view of the area based on piecemeal web searches. I initially created this blog to help those folks discover the many wonders of NWA from here and afar to give folks a realistic preview of what its like to live here.   Now it is here to showcase our two properties…a great place to explore the area.

My day job is as a consumer researcher or if you want get really fancy; “behavioral scientist”. I am fascinated by the “predictably irrational” condition of human behavior.  I enjoy living in and exploring the gray.  If you are interested in my professional credentials you can learn more here.


I am an inherently curious, focused, and persistent person. I enjoy reading, writing, motorcycles, distance running, drinking wine, and my family…in various order depending on the day.  I believe in the Oxford comma. Also I read that putting two spaces after a period means you are old. I don’t care. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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