I’ve taken to walking to my local Walmart neighborhood market daily. Sometimes we walk twice or even three times to downtown Bentonville. Sometimes I go alone. Sometimes with my family. In my frequent walks, I started to notice things I didn’t before. The trees blooming. The yappy dogs on the corner. The hard working construction […]


A calm disembodied voice drifted up from behind settling on us like a gossamer blanket. “Fish… Keris… we missed you yesterday” said the voice. Matt and I traded glances. We skipped hill repeats with the cross-country team the day before and instead walked home.  On our way we fortuitously found a $20 bill and  stopped […]


4,562 That’s the number of unique trails in this little sliver of Northwest Arkansas. If you enjoy bicycling, NWA has many trails-less-travelled on tap for you to explore.  The Slaughter Pen Trails in Bentonville and the recently opened Back 40 is paradise for mountain bikers with over 40 miles of off road trails. The Green Belt runs […]